"Couch Flambeau's songs describe a scary world with psychos on the loose, mangled bodies on the ground, bugs in the crawl space, and scenesters on the guest list..."
Todd Kristel
The Village Voice
SPIN Magazine July, 2004
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Couch Flambeau "I Did A Power Slide In The Taco Stand "Milwaukee's finest punk noisemakers, Flambeau are funny like a ten-year-old guitar hero shoving an M-80 up Jack Black's butt."
Charles Aaron, Music Editor
"Great band. Ride the rock/funny dividing line like it doesn't exist...I can listen to Couch Flambeau with a shit-eating grin on my face longer than probably any other band."

Steve Albini
The Big Takeover
Issue 54, Summer 2004

"Couch Flambeau do not cease to entertain...If you like Beat Happening, think of Couch Flambeau as the more talented version."
Jane Air
Milwaukee Journal Sentinal
Isthmus Magazine
Shepherd Express Magazine
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